Overhead cranes are used in many industries to move heavy and oversized objects that other material handling methods cannot. These cranes have a railed support structure, also known as a bridge, and a wheeled trolley that travels across the bridge horizontally. Several varieties of overhead cranes exist including gantry, semi-gantry, cantilever gantry, storage bridge and wall cranes.

Further more, according to different usage, industry and demands, the QD type Double Girder Overhead  Crane have following improved model:

1. QZ Grab Double Girder Overhead Crane

2. QC Magnetic Double Girder Overhead Crane

3. QDY and YZ Foundry and Casting Overhead Crane

4. QB Explosion proof Overhead Crane

5. QE Double Trolley and Double Girder Overhead Crane

6. QL Suspended Beam Double Girder Overhead Crane

7. QN and QS Multipurpose Double Girder Overhead Crane (Hook, Magnet and Grab)

Basic parameter:

1. Capacity: 5t-500t

2. Span: 7.5m-45m 

3. Working Class: A3-A8 (FEM 1am-5m)

4. Speed: 17.7-97.2 m/min 

5. Control Method: Pendent, Remote and Cabin Control

5. Power Source and Painting Color as your demands

6. According to your specific usage, specific model and design will be offered.

SMF could provide turn-key project as your demand, including Design, Manufacture, Quality assurance, assembling, Testing,    Commissioning, Training and After service.


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