Telescopic boom crawler crane convenient and fast, not overloaded during transportation, no need to disassemble in working site; No need to use outrigger for operation, can travel with load;  Downswing jib with variable offset angles;  Removable auxiliary winch.

Telescopic boom crawler crane specifications:

1.Length  13m

2.Width  3m

3.Height   3m

4.Total weight40t

5.Max. lifting capacity35t

6.Travelling speed      3 km/h

7.Boom telescoping time (extend/retract)75/75s

8.Boom luffing time (up/down)     40/45s

SMF Telescopic boom crawler crane  Full view stylish cab, large inner space, broad vision, equipped with cool-warm air-con, comfortable operation; Independent hydraulic cooling system: Telescopic pedal; Winch equipped with video monitor.


SMF Heavy Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., has the first-class research and development team, with strong new product research and development ability, has the production of cranes and accessories full range of production equipment, with Europe, Japan, Taiwan's new technologies, new processes, new materials, the application of advanced design means, and constantly develop to meet the market demand of new products. Company main products have two series, Taiwan crane style, European style crane, have, single, double beam cranes, gantry crane, wire rope electric hoist, chain electric hoist, trolley, wheel, beam, crane accessories, etc. Whether you are engaged in any industry, our company's technical staff will according to your actual use demand design products conform to your use of the lifting for you. Advanced detection means and high-quality staff is the guarantee of quality, customer demand is our motivation, customer satisfaction is our aim.


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