Single Leg Gantry Crane provides material handling solutions in plants that narrow, confined spaces or crowded space.Single Leg Gantry Crane can be controlled either by a wired pendant control or with an optional crane radio remote control system.
Single Leg Gantry Crane will typically be designed with an electric chain hoist for lifting loads.

Single leg crane (also known as a “semi gantry”) maximizes your space utilization. One leg end moves over the floor on wheels, while the other end runs overhead on a wall-mounted I-beam using one of two end truck designs:

1. Capacities: up to 15 tons
2. Height under I-beam: up to 35'
3. Spans: up to 40'

Semi-Gantry Crane is A-type double girder or single girder gantry crane which only have one unilateral leg, one side of it is the leg traveling on the ground track, the other side is the end of the bridge girder institution traveling on the bracket track, it saves cost and space of operation plant and open area.
Semi-Gantry Crane form three-dimensional work space by hook moving up and down, trolley traveling left and right and crane traveling back and forth, to achieve moving, overturning and other operations for lifting goods.
SMF gantry crane can be classfixated single and double beam,gantry crane and semi gantry crane, single and double cantilever gantry crane,box and truss type gantry crane.SMF CRANE is a professional bridge crane manufacturers, mainly in the production of European cranes, double girder cranes and other European lifting equipment. The company can also provide maintenance and Continental European crane refit repair services.

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