semi gantry crane or half gantry crane cost you less, nearly half of the complete gantry crane, which is one reason why it is so popular at home and abroad.semi gantry crane is perfect combined advantages of overhead crane & gantry crane which could be used in outdoor and indoor both. 


 semi gantry crane Features of semi Gantry Crane:

1.Single or double speed of the electric hoisting speed.

2.Compact structure, good rigidity

3.Smooth starting and stopping

4.Safe and reliable traveling, strong ability of lateral load proof

5.Three control modes: pendent line with press button control ,remote control or cabin control.

6.Low noise, no pollution

7.Excellent exchangeability for parts and components

8.Flexible installation and operation, convenient maintenance


Semi gantry crane for electric hoist type commonly, so the rated lifting weight usually under 16 tons.


SemiGantry cranes can sometimes be comparable to bridge crane systems in material handling capabilities, but with a huge cost savings.we can make sure the specification and dimension feasible configuration user proposes.

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