Rubber type Rail Mounted container Gantry Crane is a mobile device used to move and stack storage containers. Similar to the traditional Gantry crane, which operates on a railway system, the rubber tyred Gantry crane is commonly found in stockyards and other locations where box-shaped storage containers are used. In the U.S., the term is spelled rubber-tired Gantry crane.

Rubber type Rail Mounted container Gantry Crane works on the same principle with the exception that the complete rig is mobile from one location to another and the crane that sits atop the rig is mobile, as well. This type of mobile gantry crane is useful in cases of emergency response or for temporary container storage yards. Due to the mobility of the rubber tyred Gantry crane, it can be moved to a remote location and used to load or unload inter modalshipping containers,with stable performance, high efficiency and ease maintenance having proper safety instructions and overload protection devices to maximizely ensure the safety of operational personnel and equipment.Rubber type Rail Mounted container Gantry Crane is divided into tire type and track type. The tire type has good mobility and small sensitivity on the surface roughness. This kind of crane using diesel generators for power supply can work under low temperature with its oil and hydraulic system has heating device. The crab of rail type can rotate and the over crab can pass the gantry legs making the scope of operations wide and flexible.

Rubber type Rail Mounted container Gantry Crane feature:
Automatic rectify deviation control
Weight overload protection device
Top quality polyurethane buffer
Phase protection
Lifting limit switch
Cross traveling limit switch
Long traveling limit switch
Voltage lower protection function
Emergency stop system
Current overload protection system
Lighting system
Light and alarm system

Container Gantry Cranes are equipped with our Active Load Control technology, which improves the crane operator’s control over the positioning of the spreader and container on the truck chassis, in the cell or on the deck. Dwell times decrease substantially. You can substantially boost the productivity of your quayside operations.SMF can tailor our cranes for your specific operation. We deliver them in different sizes and configurations including zero outreach and outreach from both sides.

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