Overhead bridge crane is widely used for different places for hoisting such as factories,warehouse and materials yards, shipping-building, metallurgy and casting, hydraulic and electrical engineering, Mechanical Assembly, logistics.
overhead bridge crane description:
1. overhead bridge crane is composed of girder weld by steel plate and I-steel,end girder,electric hoist and traveling mechanism
2.The electric hoist of overhead bridge crane 1t with hoist traveling runs along the lower flange of the I-steel of the girder to accomplish article hoisting;features light structure and easy installation and maintenance
3.Span:5--40m (subject to non-standard design according ti user’s requirement)
4.Classification group :A3--A7
5.overhead bridge crane has three operation modes:ground handle,wireless remote control and cab.The cab has two types: open and closed cab
6.Unique designed hook, effectively protect hook shell rubbing from wire rope, 360° horizontal & 180° vertical rotating, making operation easily
SMF Company main products have two series, Taiwan crane style, European style crane,single, double beam cranes, gantry crane, wire rope electric hoist, chain electric hoist, trolley, wheel, beam, crane accessories, etc.
the lifting height and span of the overhead bridge crane 1t with hoist traveling with hook (main & auxiliary hook) are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s demand. with optimization design box beam, low dead weight effectively reduces the cost in which workshop built with steel structure.

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