KBK crane is a series of light overhead crane that was brought to market by Demag at the beginning. And this light crane system became widely used because of its advantage in building speed, modular design and diverse connection method. Based on crane kits with three dimension movement, the KBK light crane system can maximize the working ability while minimize the invest on dense lifting requirement.
Powder coating and baking finish surface, make the crane system able to being exposed in outdoor and rough working environment.Easy to install and adjust layout as need. Column supporting, free standing and roof ceiling mounted.
Silent trolley make little noise in workshop for a better working condition.

KBK light Bridge cranes product description:

1.Mainly used in inside workshop. According to the use grade and load-up condition.  it is devided into 2 working          classes:A5 and A6.
2.Three kinds of method for entering the platform of cab (side, end and top).
3.The cab can be installed at the left side and also the right side.
4.Safe slider wire or angle iron can be used for electric conduction of the crane.It can be either at the opposite side of    the cab or at the same side of  the cab.
5.Operation of the crane shall be finished in cab completely.

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