The electric hoist (winch) can be divided into CD model (single speed for lifting) and MD model (double speed for lifting) and HC, HD model (larger capacity up to 32T).

(Low headroom hoist;BCD model wire rope explosion-proof hoist;Curve traveling hoist;Frequency inversion functional hoist;

Sound & light alarm functioning hoist.)


CD or MD model monorail wire tope electric hoist is a kind of light –duty lifting equipment (KBK crane) with advantages of tight structure,  light weight, small volume, wide common use and convenient operation etc. If reducers with hard gear surface are applied, it will have long life and high mechanical efficiency. 

CD or MD model electric hoist can be widely used to hoist heavy objects, or installed on the straight or curve I-section steel beam of single beam cranes. They can also be used together with Electric Hoist Double beam gantry cranes and jib cranes. All the above has made the electric hoists common in industrial and ore enterprises, railway, wharfs and warehouses.

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