Electric Chain Hoists are special load lifting equipment, which are operated electrically to lift the overwhelming loads. These save a considerable amount of manpower and time, as they can be effortlessly functioned by a single person. They are found in many construction sites as well as chemical industries, and go a long way in streamlining and finishing the work at a quicker pace.


Hoists are available in two varieties, one is mechanically driven and the other is electrically operated. There is a lifting snare in both the types that is used to append the load to the hoist.


Hoist is a powerful industrial equipment that assists in easy lifting and loading of heavy weights. In such a machinery, a chain or a rope is wrapped around a drum or lift-wheel, which serves as a dependable lifting medium.



To meet the distinctive needs of different types of work scenarios, a large variety of hoists are available in the market. These lifts can be used for accomplishing various load lifting jobs and are available in different models and capacities so you can easily find an equipment that is ideal to satisfy all your prerequisites.



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