Double-girder semi-gantry crane will be designed with electric wire rope hoists to handle the increased load capacity.
suitable for open freight yards and along railway operations, because the large leg space, it is suitable for lifting large volumes of goods, and also can lift containers, its gantry frame is similar with container gantry.
Double-girder semi-gantry cranes are a cost-effective alternative wherever the installation of bridge cranes is impractical due to a need for a raised runway structure. They are also an ideal supplement to bridge cranes at the workstation level. It can lower the investment on structure and space.

1.High operational value
2.Cranes to meet specific customer needs
3.Single-girder semi-gantry cranes with load capacities up to 16tons
4.Double-girder semi-gantry cranes with load capacities up to 50 tons
5.Indoor or outdoor operation
6.Controlled by pendant traveling station or optional radio controls
7.Modular design

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