Air hoist is currently the most ideal explosion-proof hoist equipment in the world. Commonly used with vane, piston and cylinder type 3 kinds.Air hoist produced by SMF can be operated continuously and constant temperature control, easy operation and maintenance, as air motors don’t heat up. Dust, dirt, moisture and corrosive gases are kept out of the motor by the air pressure that runs it. This basic fact makes air hoists the first choice to used in chemical industryore enterprises, textiles, warehouseshousehold electrical appliances production line, Automobile production lineshipyardetc. it is the enterprise safety in production, raising working efficiency saving investment, increasing profit and reduce cost of essential equipment.

Air hoist is split into Pneumatic chain hoist , low headroom hoist, mini air hoist ,etc. It is relatively common is through the wire rope load, also has chain-type. Compared with chain is more durable.

It will have long life and high mechanical efficiency. It is no electrical hazard. As no electricity is used, the freedom from electrical shock and the use of air power in explosive environments are obvious advantages. This is why air hoists are used extensively in flammable environments found in chemical plants, refineries, etc. Spark resistant models are also available.

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